When You Cure Me

Jack Thorne(Nick Hern Books)

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3.32 out of 5


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A painful - and painfully funny - play about being very young and in love - and coping with serious illness at the same time.

Rachel and Peter are seventeen.

They have been going out for six months.

It's love's young dream.

Then Rachel gets ill - seriously ill.

She doesn't want her mum to fuss; she doesn't want Alice to pretend she's her best friend; and she certainly doesn't want Alice's boyfriend telling bad jokes at her bedside.

The only person she wants is Peter, but Peter doesn't know what it is that he wants.

<i>When You Cure Me</i> premiered at the Bush Theatre, London, in 2005.

'In one of the year's finest pieces of new writing... a compassionate, gripping portrait of a fledgling relationship that is asked to bear more than many well-established marriages' <i>Evening Standard</i>

'painstakingly honest... acutely observant of the petty rivalries and jealousies that sickness provokes' <i>Guardian</i>

'[has] a merciless precision... a brave piece of writing that, with its damaged and angry heroine, unflinchingly shows us not a vision of saintly suffering, but a far more engagingly human struggle for survival' <i> The Times</i>

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