We'll Always Have Paris

Jill Hyem(Josef Weinberger)

We'll Always Have Paris Cover


2.5 out of 5


from 2 ratings and 1 review

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Jill Hyem, original writer of TV series HOWARD'S WAY, WISH ME LUCK, THE HOUSE OF ELLIOT and co-writer of the well-remembered TENKO, who returns to her theatre roots with this magical story set in the world's most romantic city.

Three women of a certain age gravitate to Paris.

There's Nancy, a retired headmistress determined to throw off her shackles.

Anna, recently widowed - and free - after years of nursing a sick husband.

And Raquel, a divorcee in search of eternal youth and a new toy boy.

A feel-good play with laughter and tears, the promise of romance, lovely love and not-so-lovely anger, friendship and loyalty, and the advantages of growing old.

Perhaps not La Vie en Rose but certainly a night to leave you charmed, amused, thoughtful - and smiling.

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