Wedding Of The Year

Norman Robbins(Samuel French)

Wedding Of The Year Cover


3.9 out of 5


from 2 ratings

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Alison Murchison is the last sort of a girl one would visualize as a heroine she's fat, straight haired and wears glasses.

But her Uncle Frank decides to make her one by entering her as a prospective candidate for a "Wedding of the Year" competition.

He selects a designer to create her wedding dress even before he has found her a suitable husband.

As candidate for groom to be, Uncle Frank's eye falls on Walter Thornton's son, Melvyn a frustrated inventor and an appallingly clumsy young man.

However, the best laid plans...

Alison ends up as a prospective bride, but not for Melvyn.

Harry, the dress designer carries her off and Walter Thornton carries off her mother.6 women, 4 men

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