Walker And The Ghost Dance

Derek Walcott(Faraux Straus Giroux)

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And, The ghost dance

<b>Dazzling dramas on American themes from the Nobel laureate</b>

On a cold winter's day on the Dakota plains, Catherine Weldon receives a caller, Kicking Bear, bringing news of Indian rebellion.

In the fort nearby, a tiny community splinters apart over how to react.

In <i>Ghost Dance</i>, first performed in 1989, Walcott turns a story with a foregone conclusion -- Sitting Bull and his Sioux followers will die at the hands of the Army and Indian agents -- into a portrait of life at a crossroads of American history.

In <i>Walker</i>, an opera first performed in 1992 and revised for its revival in 2001, Walcott shifts his attention east, taking for his subject David Walker, the nineteenth-century black abolitionist.

In Walcott 's hands Walker becomes a classical hero for his people: a leader who is also a poet.

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