Peter Brammer(Samuel French)

Valentine Cover


Valentine, a 100-year-old human-vampire hybrid, late-night florist living in Putney, is waiting for his full vampiric traits to kick in.

He lives with his sister Natalia and is incredibly lonely until the bubbly Hayley wanders into his shop.

Things between vampire and mortal develop quickly, much to the dissatisfaction of Natalia, who calls Valentine's parents to deal with the situation.

As things become serious, Valentine begins to question his identity and whether Natalia's advice is in his best interests.

Can a vampire have a healthy relationship with a mortal that doesn't end in blood being spilt?

Can vampires eat garlic bread?

Why is that waiter wearing a gas mask?

And just how easy is it to turn into a bat?

These are the questions that plague Valentine, the quintessential vampire.

"Peter Brammer has turned the whole vampire genre on its head giving it a fresh, witty, novel and funny twist ... a clever and quirky comedy."

- The Heather Brothers


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