Uncle Pirate

Ben H Winters(Samuel French)

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Young audience Characters: 3 male, 3 female With help from Uncle Pirate and his faithful talking penguin, maybe, just maybe, Wilson can survive the fourth grade.

Wilson is just your average kid.

Then one day he finds out his uncle is a pirate...like, a REAL pirate!

Grab yer eye patches and pirate hats, mateys!

The adventure begins now!

At heart Uncle Pirate proves more of a Boy Scout than a buccaneer, but that won't distress theatergoers under 12, this diverting and often funny musical's ideal audience...Theatergoers at a recent performance particularly enjoyed a classroom duel in which Uncle Pirate bravely wields first a pointer, then a ruler and finally a book.

Education, it seems, really is the way to win life's battles.

-New York Times.

There's a talking penguin and plenty of 'arrrs!' for the young'uns, while elementary schoolers and their parents will appreciate the sarcastic dialogue and clever songs...a whimsical adaptation of the eponymous kids book is Jolly Roger fun.

-Time Out New York

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