Dermot Bolger from James Joyce(Oberon)

Ulysses Cover


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A bawdy, vibrant and tumultuous adaptation of James Joyce's classic, by a writer who wants to engage people who may have felt daunted to read Ulysses.

Leopold Bloom's odyssey is a pandemonium of live music, puppets, dancing, clowning, bowler hats and kazoos.

It's Ulysses as you've never imagined it before, a superbly theatrical homage to Joyce's chronicle of Dublin life and the greatest novel of all time.

With his wife Molly waiting in bed for the nefarious Blazes Boylan, Leopold Bloom traverses Dublin, conversing in pubs, graveyards and brothels, enduring ridicule and prejudice as he steadfastly clings to his principles and subtly slays his dragons while drawing ever closer to his fateful encounter with the young Stephen Dedalus.

Ulysses is bawdy, hilarious and affecting in celebrating Joyce's genius for depicting everyday life in its profundity, with the Sunday Herald remarking that "Dermot Bolger's beautifully crafted adaptation (carefully and coherently selected from the fiction) has a palpable love for the sensuousness and abundance of Joyce's language)."


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