The White Carnation

R C Sherriff(Oberon)

The White Carnation Cover


3.78 out of 5


from 18 ratings and 6 reviews

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"There have been strange rumours about this house.

Although it was in a state of ruin, lights were seen in the windows every Christmas Eve: music was heard: voices and laughter..."

The first production in sixty years of R. C. Sherriff's supernatural drama.

Christmas Eve, 1951.

As Britain rebuilds itself after the war, John Greenwood has it all – a successful business, a beautiful house and an aristocratic wife.

But as he bids farewell to the guests leaving his annual Christmas party, a gust of wind slams the front door shut, starting a chain of events that makes him doubt everything he has ever known...

From the writer of one of the 20th century's most acclaimed plays, Journey's End, The White Carnation is a ghostly tale of one man's chance to do things differently.


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