The Veil

Conor McPherson(Nick Hern Books)

The Veil Cover


3.86 out of 5


from 11 ratings

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Set around a haunted house hemmed in by a restive, starving populace, <i>The Veil</i> weaves Ireland's troubled colonial history into a transfixing story about the search for love, the transcendental and the circularity of time.

May 1822, rural Ireland.

The defrocked Reverend Berkeley arrives at the crumbling former glory of Mount Prospect House to accompany seventeen year-old Hannah to England.

She is to be married off to a marquis in order to resolve the debts of her mother's estate.

However, compelled by the strange voices that haunt his beautiful young charge and a fascination with the psychic current that pervades the house, Berkeley proposes a seance, the consequences of which are catastrophic.

'an atmospheric and haunting tale of lost souls' - <i>Evening Standard</i>

'bold and intriguing...

McPherson keeps you guessing to the last' - <i>Financial Times</i>


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