The Sunken Living Room

David Caudle(Samuel French)

The Sunken Living Room Cover


4.2 out of 5


from 7 ratings and 1 review

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"November, 1978. Wade Minnick, 16, is a slender, effeminate bookworm in suburban Miami.

With his distracted mother out playing Bridge, and his pilot father away on a trip, Wade settles down in the family's showpiece living room to read A Passage To India.

His volatile brother Chip, 17, takes off on a dubious errand, leaving Wade alone with Chip's foxy pothead girlfriend.

"Freak" Tammy teaches "brain" Wade more about life and about himself than he could learn from a dozen novels.

And when Chip returns, having scored and snorted some serious drugs, Wade's gonna need every ounce of his newfound courage and compassion."

--Publisher's website

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