The Secret Life Of Seagulls

Henry Meyerson(Samuel French)

The Secret Life Of Seagulls Cover


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Anne and Don, married ten years, are on vacation in Florida.

Anne inanely chatters on about beaches, seagulls and garbage dumps.

Don, fed up, walks away, leaving Anne sitting on the beach alone.

Don has gone to visit his friend Jim, a man of little insight but great obsession about golf, to tell him that he has left Anne.

Jim, in turn, has just returned from a golfing vacation to discover that his wife, Sandy, has apparently left him.

George, a seagull who lives contentedly with his wife, Ethel, on the Staten Island landfill, has just arrived on the Florida beach and meets Fred, a seagull without ties but with a dark past.

The play follows these four humans and Fred as they attempt to define themselves, their lives, relationships and values.

George, the Staten Island Seagull, however, is content being who he is.--From publisher description.


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