The Panic Broadcast Of 1938

Michael Druce(Samuel French)

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5m, 9f, + extras, flexible casting / Comedy, High School/ Community Theatre / Unit set Panic Broadcast of 1938 is the story of some bold teenagers and one crazy, confusing night!

It is 8 p.m., Sunday, October 30, 1938 -- the night before Halloween in Misty Valley, Pennsylvania.

Two optimistic and wide-eyed young women, Margie and June, are waiting in the park for June s boyfriend, Andy, to get off work.

Both teens have dilemmas: Margie wants to leave town and June doesn t know if she should kiss Andy.

The girls soon meet Tom and Hank, two dashing young men from a circus train that has pulled into Misty Valley for a water stop.

Tom and Margie take an immediate liking to each other, but things are complication when Margie s dad, who happens to be the local sheriff, throws the two men in jail for a robbery!

Meanwhile, Orson Welles radio production of H.G.

Wells War of the Worlds has started its broadcast over the town radio.

As word of the alien invasion makes its way to Misty Valley, panic ensues!

Widow O Dell s prized Holstein is shot dead, Tom and Hank are accused of being Martians, the circus elephant escapes, an alien tripod is seen at the train station, and a giant Martian destroys the jailhouse and the feed store.

What will happen to Tom and Margie?

Will Hank find love?

Will June ever kiss Andy?!

A perfect (panicked!) comedy for high schools and any theatrical groups looking for a fun time!"

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