The Mosley Street Melodramas - Volume 3

Tom Frye(Samuel French)

The Mosley Street Melodramas - Volume 3 Cover


Various male and female roles / Melodrama / Simple set With the Mosley Street Melodramas you'll sigh for the dainty Heroine, cheer for the righteous Hero, and boo and hiss the dastardly Villain in plays with a contemporary twist on the traditional version.

These hysterical, audience-participation plays are perfect for community theatres, churches and schools to perform.

Especially for fundraisers!

These ain't your Gramma's melodramas!

Plays include The Lost Samantha Treasure, The Plague on Madison Avenue, The Mystery of Baby Leah, and Another Kennedy in the White House.

"The Lost Samantha Treasure is nothing if not memorable - and hysterical.

Frye has certainly penned a good one this time around, tossing some of the more well-used melodrama jokes out the window in favor of a humor that requires timing and talent.

- Sharon Faith Levin, Wichita Old Town Gazette ..".Melodrama fans are happily cheering it again.

The Lost Samantha Treasure is terrific fare for the whole family."

- Jacqueline Boudreau, Wichita Old Town Gazette "Like most modern melodrama scripts, Frye's Samantha is pretty much just a vehicle for slapstick silliness, but the dialogue in this one is darned funny...Frye had a blast...the d'enouement...features Saturday Night Fever - style dance numbers.

The audience certainly enjoyed watching the show the evening I attended.

- Terri Mott, F5 Newspaper

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