The Kitchen Sink

Tom Wells(Nick Hern Books)

The Kitchen Sink Cover


3.83 out of 5


from 38 ratings and 5 reviews

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An irresistibly funny and tender play about big dreams and small changes.

Amid the dreaming, the dramas and the dirty dishes, something has to give.

But will it be Kath or the kitchen sink?

Things aren't going to plan for one family in Withernsea, Yorkshire.

Pieces are falling off Martin's milk float as quickly as he's losing customers and something's up with Kath's kitchen sink.

Billy is pinning his hopes of a place at art college on a revealing portrait of Dolly Parton, whilst Sophie's dreams of becoming a ju-jitsu teacher might be disappearing down the plughole.

This volume also includes the monologue Spacewang.

'This is one of the best new plays I have seen anywhere this year, and I cannot recommend it too highly.' Charles Spencer, <i>Telegraph</i>

'Wells wrings more riches out of seemingly throwaway lines than a lot of writers manage in an entire play' <i>Evening Standard</i>

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