The House Of Fog

Peter Brammer(Samuel French)

The House Of Fog Cover


Timothy Rackonsfield has brought his northern fiancée Lucy Lackenspiel to Rackonsfield House to meet his parents.

Upon their arrival, however, Timothy's mother break the news of his father's death and the curse placed on the house when Timothy was a young boy.

She then introduces him to the mysterious Count Silvio, who claims he can remove the curse and lay the ghost of his father and the other spirits to rest.

What evil scheme is Count Silvio planning to hatch?

Why is the ghost of Timothy's father so mean?

Why has nobody heard of the Lackenspiels' famous cow and hippo farm?

ANd why is there so much bloody smoke everywhere?

These are all questions you will ask when you enter the House of Fog...Not to be mist.

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