The Hallway Trilogy

Adam Rapp(Theatre Communications)

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"Rapp remains a true man of the theater and a potent writer."—<i>Time Out</i>

"To watch <i>The Hallway Trilogy</i> by Adam Rapp is to enter an alternate universe... a carnival of the desperate, the grotesque, the outrageous."—<i>The New York Times</i>

"I knew in a single sentence that Adam was a writer the world was going to listen to for as long as he felt like writing....

Adam writes like nobody else, his fierce poetic power as inescapable as the doom that waits for his characters.

The work is bleak and true, his touch that of a master in the making."—Marsha Norman

Multi-talented artist and provocateur Adam Rapp shocks and disturbs, weaving themes of love, suffering, and redemption throughout this alarming yet heartening critical examination of societal change.

Spanning one hundred years in one Lower East Side tenement hallway, this series of connected plays—<i>Rose</i>, <i>Paraffin</i>, and <i>Nursing</i>—is a dark and compelling exploration of what binds people together and drives them apart.

Packed with searing dialogue and harrowing narratives, <i>The Hallway Trilogy</i> "bristles with humor" and "contains some of Rapp's most sensitive and mature writing" (<i>The New York Times</i>).

<b>Adam Rapp</b> is a novelist, filmmaker, and an OBIE Award–winning playwright and director.

His plays include the Pulitzer Prize finalist <i>Red Light Winter</i>, <i>Nocturne</i>, <i>Stone Cold Dead Serious</i>, <i>Finer Noble Gases</i>, <i>Essential Self-Defense</i>, and more.

He is the author of many young adult novels such as <i>Punkzilla</i>, <i>The Buffalo Tree</i>, and <i>Under the Dog</i>, and the writer and director of the film <i>Winter Passing</i>, starring Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferrell, and Ed Harris.


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