The Eradication Of Schizophrenia In Western Lapland

Jon Haynes, David Woods(Oberon)

The Eradication Of Schizophrenia In Western Lapland Cover


3.5 out of 5


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Mediterranean roasted vegetables.

Finnish Folk and Margaret Drabble.

Adolf Hitler and the knitted cover for a toilet roll.

An audience split in two experiencing auditory hallucinations.

The new work from acclaimed theatre company Ridiculusmus is inspired by a treatment method for psychosis that has virtually eradicated schizophrenia from Western Lapland.

The text is syncopated and harmonised throughout with duets on words and phrases, cooking up a dizzying concoction of memory, delusion and reality that culminates in a unified third act of denouement set between the past and present – the crucial defining moment of the protagonist's life.

It conjures up a comic nightmare of delusion while offering a hopeful world of polyphonic uncertainty, a world where dialogue can transform your life.


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