The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer(Nick Hern Books)

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A landmark dramatisation for the Royal Shakespeare Company of one of the foundation stones of English literature.

This two-play adaptation of Chaucer'sCanterbury Tales encompasses all 23 stories.

All the famous characters are here - as well as many less well-known but equally full of life.

Each of the stories has its own style - heroic verse for the Knight's Tale, vernacular rhymes for the Miller's Tale etc. - echoing the many narrative voices employed by Chaucer himself.

The plays can be performed either together or separately.

'Rumbustious and passionate ... this is quite simply a glorious compendium of stories and poetry' -Daily Mail 'Scintillating ...

Poulton's admirable version ... what takes one's breath away is the range of styles and emotions on display' -Guardian 'Mike Poulton's superb adaptation is both faithful and accessible, comfortably inhabiting the middle ground between Middle English and the modern vernacular' -The Times

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