The Bully Plays - A Collection of 24 Ten Minute Plays

Linda Habjan (Editor)(Dramatic Publishing)

The Bully Plays - A Collection of 24 Ten Minute Plays Cover


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This anthology was commissioned in response to the growing epidemic of bullying and the all-too-often tragic results.

The anthology includes 24 10-minute plays that can be performed in any combination or length and in a variety of venues.

The plays are touching, imaginative, powerful, uplifting and funny.

A botched chemistry experiment creates a horde of homophobic teenage zombie bullies.

A teenager poignantly relates to his dad how a bullied classmate resorted to physical violence.

Three dinosaurs at a museum surprise three bickering kids on a school outing.

A bully is forced to confront his victim "on the other side."

A boy confronts a beast in ancient Greece, who provides him with a different perspective on who's the beast.

A girl on an anti-bullying crusade must face her own bullying.

High-school kids discuss the heartbreak of realizing they contributed to a classmate's death by remaining bystanders.

A mother and brother try to come to terms with the suicide of their "technicolor" son and brother.

The trickle-down effect of bullying is explored in several plays, along with the dangers of cyber-bullying.

The collection also includes a mimed piece and a play in rhymed verse.

This collection of short plays will challenge, inspire and enlighten your audiences and help you confront the issue of bullying in a constructive and creative way.

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