The Brave Little Tailor

Brian Guehring from the Brothers Grimm(Dramatic Publishing)

The Brave Little Tailor Cover


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A mischevious silly jester (who speaks in verse) introduces the audience to a young tailor who has been discounted his entire life because he is small.

This meek tailor in the village is bullied by his boss, smothered by his mother and harassed by customers.

The young tailor, however, dreams of fighting dragons, and during one vivid fantasy he manages to kill seven flies in one blow.

Rumors spread around the village and get exaggerated until the king hears of a tailor who can kill seven giants in one blow.

The tailor is brought before the cowardly king and his beautiful stepdaughter.

The tailor then must find his own courage (with the help of the princess and the jester) to battle a rampaging unicorn, two troublesome giants and a fierce dragon.

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