The Bards Of Bromley And Other Plays

Perry Pontac(Oberon)

The Bards Of Bromley And Other Plays Cover


Foreword by Maureen Lipman

Having produced a new Shakespearean canon in his previous collection of plays Codpieces, Perry Pontac turns his attention to other great names in European culture

The Three Seagulls is a Chekhovian comedy with representative characters drawn from each of Chekhov's major plays, as well as a selection of his plot-lines.

The Lunchtime of the Gods is Wagner's Ring recycled into a thirty-minute play telling the entire story,plus several jokes not in the original.

And in The Bards of Bromley,the first meeting of a writers' workshop is attended by a group of unusually promising authors: William Wordsworth, George Eliot, August Strindberg, A A Milne and Johan Wolfgang von Goethe.


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