The Adventures Of Jason And The Argonauts

Phil Willmott(Samuel French)

The Adventures Of Jason And The Argonauts


Climb aboard the mighty ship Argo to join heroic Prince Jason, plucky Princess Medea, Hercules and all the gang for a lively re-telling of the greatest adventure story ever told Our Heroes must overcome monsters, tricksters and tempests if they are to capture the mythical Golden Fleece they need to defeat Jason's evil uncle and win back the kingdom.

Seen in 2009 as part of the More London Free Festival, this 80 minute fast-paced, free adaptation of the ancient myth is a light-hearted romp into which can be inserted a free choice of songs and dances.

Humour and easy puppetry overcome the difficulties of a fire-breathing bull, a dragon and an army of skeletons "Phil Willmott's Jason and the Argonauts is a likeable, cheeky, near-panto action adventure peopled with larger-than-life, dim-witted heroes and spunky heroines" Time Out

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