Spooky Dog And The Teen-age Gang Mysteries

Amy Rhodes(Samuel French)

Spooky Dog And The Teen-age Gang Mysteries Cover


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Spooky Dog & the Teen-Age Gang Mysteries is an irreverent parody of Saturday morning cartoons ¿ for adults only.

Missing from a starring performance at a creepy county fair, a pop culture icon (suggested by the audience) can only be located by this familiar gang of teen sleuths: a butch, blond frat boy, an even more butch brainy gal with a trusty flashlight, a hot-to-trot diva in a miniskirt, a spaced-out hippie, and a talking dog.

On a campy and comical quest to find their missing friend, they¿ll face the ghost of a dead country singer, a not-so-psychic fortune teller, and the sinister couple who run the fairground ¿ and that¿s not all.

Even more frighteningly, the Teen-Age Mystery Gang will also confront their own burgeoning sexual desires, tasty dog treats with unexpected side effects, and a surprise penchant for busting a move.

Spooky Dog uncovers hilarious, hidden subtext with razor-sharp wit and affectionate homage.

You¿ll never see Saturday morning the same way again!

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