Spontaneous Melodramas 2

Laurie Polich(Zondervan Publishing Company)

Spontaneous Melodramas 2 Cover


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24 more impromptu skits that bring Bible stories to life

The lights are dim.

The crowd is hushed

And a dozen teens start laughing hysterically, piling into a human "boat" that helps set up the mind-blowing miracle of Jesus walking on the stormy Sea of Galilee

Maybe you’re after a booster shot for midweek youth group meetings that feel "same old, same old."

Or you’ve just been asked (last minute, of course) to run the service at the shelter during your mission trip, and you need a jolt of energy that’ll draw kids into your lesson.

Whatever your creative need, Spontaneous Melodramas 2 will fill the bill.

Continuing where its predecessor--Spontaneous Melodramas--left off, this volume offers another two dozen tales from the Old and New Testaments that bring the biblical accounts to life... with distinctive, contemporary twists

Although these no-rehearsal skits will leave your students in stitches, the humor never buries the message of Scripture.

So you can be confident when bringing your kids--whether or not they’re familiar with the Bible--into sketches like:The Sumptuous Spare Rib (Adam and Eve)Touched by an Angel (Jacob’s wrestling match)Love on a Threshing Floor (Ruth and Boaz)The Wizard of Eyes (Jesus heals the blind man)The Great Pool Party (Healing at the pool)Dead Man Walking (Jesus raises Lazarus)Spontaneous Melodramas 2 is full of flexible skits that youth workers, Sunday school teachers, camp counselors, and retreat directors can use for discussion starters, icebreakers, or talk intros.

And they’re natural fits for Bible study programming, all-nighters, mission trips, camps, retreats, parent meetings, and many other events

More than a year’s worth of slapstick, pratfalls, and fun, Spontaneous Melodramas 2 will make the Bible--and its unforgettable characters and adventures--extra memorable for your students.

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