Small Talk

Eric Fallen(Samuel French)

Small Talk Cover


2.75 out of 5


from 4 ratings and 2 reviews

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Eight Short Plays

This collection of eight 10 minute plays include: PERFECT WEATHER (2m) - When a strange man interrupts Jim's meditative morning ritual, what begins with small talk about the weather, soon devolves into a bizarre interrogation.

THE MERRY-GO-ROUND (1 m, 1f) - After a vigorous morning of work, two porn actors get lost in a circular conversation.

COMMUNION (1m, 2f) - When a dying man's request for a strawberry milkshake is denied by his long-suffering wife, the couple descend into a battle that could be their last.

THE MONSTER (2m) - A motorcycle salesman uses all the usual tricks to lure his customer in, but a strange and violent story prevents him from closing the deal.

BASIC PLUMBING (2m) - A small town library is the setting for a stand-off between an up-tight librarian and the local madman.

THE DRIVING RANGE (1 m, 1f) - While an instructor leads a woman through the basics of the golf swing, an underlying tension threatens to throw them both off their game.

BEHIND THE WHEEL (2m) - A man begs his brother to save him from despair by letting his father-in-law die.

THE INCLUSION (1m, 1f) - When a woman invites an old friend to her jewelry store to help him find the best diamond for his fiance, it eventually becomes clear that he wants more than her advice.

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