Side Effects

Eric Chappell(Samuel French)

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Frank Cook, having been taken ill with a rare complaint, has been booked into a private nursing home by his wife June for a week's respite.

Whilst there, he encounters the Reverend Paul Latimer who is recovering from a heart transplant and whose odd behaviour is beginning to alarm his wife, Sarah.

The young, attractive Tracey might provide the answer.

She is convinced that the vicar's new heart belonged to her recently deceased lover Melvin, a fairground "wall of death" rider.

Could it be that Paul has taken on Melvin's personality traits as well as his heart?

That would explain the swearing, the smoking, the drinking and the clandestine canoodling with Tracey in the rose garden.

Then again, perhaps he's just suffering from the side effects of his medication?

Frank, ever the cantankerous sceptic, is delighted by the vicar's fall from grace, while June does her best to rein in his detective work.

Side Effects is a hilarious comedy for two men and three women from the Bafta-winning creator of Rising Damp.

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