Senior Moments

Frederick Stroppel(Samuel French)

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A collection of one-act plays

After the Ball: Stewart and Joanna, an old married couple, return home from a surprisingly festive funeral, an experience that leaves Stewart at first exhilarated and then forced to face some not-so-festive truths about himself.

** Glacier Bay: At a family affair, Connie has to contend with her husband Artie's advancing senility.

Her struggle to keep a tight hold on his wandering mind is comically exasperating, but in a sudden revelation she discovers that their life paths are more similar than she suspected.

** Louie's Daughter: At Louie's, a typical corner bar, regulars A. G. and Woody enjoy the male camaraderie of friendly insults, unsolicited opinions and pointless conversation.

But their comfortable everyday routine is disrupted by the unexpected presence of a pretty female bartender.

** Sneeze: Abby and Martha, two elderly women, sit on a park bench, discussing philosophy, literature, and the vagaries of life, as they wait for a larcenous squirrel to pass by.**A World of Pleasure: After thirty-three years, Stanley and Emily are finally closing down their mom-and-pop corner store, which happens to be a porno shop.

When a customer drops in to make a purchase, they regale him with stories of the old days and recall the good times as they pack up their singular merchandise.


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