Kenny Emson(Nick Hern Books)

Rust Cover


3.14 out of 5


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Rule number eleven: We don't talk about them.

Not here.

They don't exist here.

Nadia and Daniel have a secret.

In fact they have quite a few.

They've just signed on the dotted line for a studio flat.

Under a pseudonym, naturally – Mr and Mrs White.

After years of school pick-ups, TV takeaways, and the day to day drudgery of married life, this is their chance to wipe the slate clean.

But as much as they try and redefine the rules, and themselves, the outside world is closing in.

Ultra-contemporary, sexy and funny, Kenny Emson's play <i>Rust</i> pushes the boundaries of trust, love and lust to the limit.

<i>Rust</i> premiered at the Bush Theatre, London, in June 2019.


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