Joe Iconis(Samuel French)

Rewrite Cover


Characters: 3 male, 3 female ReWrite, a musical comedy triple feature is comprised of three wild musicals that connect in surprising and dangerous ways

Nelson Rocks is a pop/rock show about a young dude who needs to fix his life before the 'You better get to class' bell rings.

Populated by adolescents, the show throbs and pulses along a locker-filled hallway, barreling towards its inevitable showdown

Miss Marzipan is a dizzy musical about the life changing preparation that goes into a high stakes dinner party.

In this heightened look at the suburban experience, a little bit of blood is spilt, but nothing that some kitchen towels can't clean up

The Process deals with a writer.

With a deadline.

As the Dunkin Donuts fills with the voices in his head, the writer must conquer his writer's block and finish his musical.

The Dunkin Donuts counter lady acts as our guide through this passionate look into one man's writing process.

"A time-warping Long Island comedy-with improbably catchy songs like a middle-aged woman's hilarious ode to marzipan (the only thing she can cook) and a short libretto full of bull's-eye jokes, the tremendously talented songwriter's show has less in common with neighboring musicals and more with a pop concept album like Ben Folds Five's "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" ReWrite is unstoppable."

-Variety "Mr. Iconis has not caught a bad case of ordinariness...he's still as loopy as his reputation suggests...Iconis isn't indulging in mere looniness for looniness's sake.

He expertly lays the groundwork for two perfect jokes, which land late in the piece to showstopping effect."

- The New York Times "ReWrite is a bitchin' triptych of one-act pop/rock musicals.

Iconis has a reservoir of emotions from which to draw and an iconoclastic voice with which to channel them-what these misbegotten misfits discover about themselves is equally macabre and wonderful."

-New York Press "The restless energy of the songs is exactly right for the common high-school conflicts in the story-It's a breezy and enjoyable musical, thanks to the hard-to-resist pep of Iconis' songs."



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