Angelina Weld Grimke(Oberon)

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Today, we colored men and women, everywhere - are up against it...In the South, they make it as impossible as they can for us to get educated.

In the North, they make a pretence of liberality; they give us the ballot and a good education, and then snuff us out.

Each year, the problem just to live, gets more difficult to solve.'

The first play by an African American woman ever produced professionally.

The European premiere – and the world's first production for nearly 100 years – of Rachel is directed by exciting young director Ola Ince, as part of Black History Month.

Rachel is a young, educated, middle-class woman.

But she is born into an African-American family in the early 20th century – a world in which ignorance and violence prevail.

While her family and neighbours find different ways to survive, Rachel's dreams of getting married and becoming a mother collide with the tragic events of her family's past as she confronts the harsh reality of a racist world.

Written exactly midway between the American Civil War and the end of slavery, and the explosion of Civil Rights in the 1960s, this hauntingly beautiful and profoundly shocking play still asks urgent questions for today.

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