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Henry Meyerson(Samuel French)

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10 death affirming plays, sketches and monologues

Comedy / 10 Death Affirming Plays, Sketches and Monologues DOG YEARS (2, gender neutral) If dogs years are seven to one of Man...arf.

COMRADES (2m) What are comrades for if not to try to cheer each other up in a time of distress?

Dostoevsky would appreciate the irony.

THE SUITCASE (2m, 2f) Bereavement maybe painful, but be sure to have your credit card.

THE STRUGGLE (1m) The sound of the beeeeeeeeep means dinner is off.

LUCKY MAN (2m, 1f) Mr. Smith might have been cured had he survived the autopsy.

REHEARSAL (1m, 1f) A long rehearsal for a one shot performance.

PUMPS (1, gender neutral) There are many kinds of pumps, but only one really matters.

THE FINE PRINT (2m, 1f) Everything is on loan and you have to pay up when you go.

SILENCE (2m, 1f) Could there be something worse than surviving the Holocaust?

POP GOES THE WEASEL (4, gender neutral) Life may be a game, but be sure to hold on to your chair.

"The best of Program A includes author Henry Meyerson's Silence, a touching essay about two Russians who survived the Holocaust and meet shortly after immigrating to New York following World War II."

- South Florida Sun-Sentinel "In Henry Meyerson's Silence, a deeply moving piece about elderly Holocaust survivors trying to make sense of the too-early death of their beloved only son.

Fierce and heartbreaking."

- Miami Herald "Pop Goes the Weasel...a sharp, very original piece uses musical chairs as a metaphor for the way we live now; it takes on a surprising added resonance in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack...a smart and interesting work."



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