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Harold Pinter(Faber & Faber)

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The second volume of Harold Pinter's collected work includes The Caretaker.

The CaretakerIt was with this play that Harold Pinter had his first major success.

The obsessive caretaker, Davies, is a classic comic creation, and his uneasy relationship with the enigmatic Aston and Mick a landmark in twentieth-century drama.

'The play remains a masterpiece.' Daily Telegraph The CollectionThis one-act play for television explores the sexual manoeuvres between two couples in the clothing trade.

'Taps the adrenal flow of contemporary guilt and anxiety.' Time The LoverRichard and Sarah conduct themselves with apparent respectability in the mornings, whilst living out a sequence of erotic rituals in the afternoons.

'Beautifully written... the sexiest play I remember seeing on the television.' Sunday TimesThe volume also includes Night School and The Dwarfs, plus five revue sketches written during the same period.

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