Plays for Today by Women

Cheryl Robson (Editor)(Aurora Metro)

Plays for Today by Women Cover


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A wide ranging collection of plays by women dealing with contemporary subjects such as child abuse, recession, war, poverty and the complexity of modern women’s lives.

The plays in this collection feature many roles for women and girls, are suitable for study, for performance, or as part of Women's Studies or Feminist Theatre Studies courses, and have all been prodcued and performed in the United Kingdom to acclaim

This anthology includes:FOR A BUTTON by Rachel Barnett – a comic two hander about two friends and the lengths one will go to, to remain ‘best’ friends

YOURS ABUNDANTLY, FROM ZIMBABWE by Gillian Plowman – a middle-aged woman decides to leave her comfy life in the UK and work in a school in Zimbabwe

WELCOME TO RAMALLAH by Sonja Linden and Adah Kay – two Jewish sisters are forced to confront the reality of what their forefathers have done to the Palestinians

FROM THE MOUTHS OF MOTHERS by Amanda Stuart Fisher - a verbatim drama detailing the distressing stories of mothers who learned that their child has been sexually abused

THE AWKWARD SQUAD by Karen Young – a three generational comic drama involving Northern women who are trying to live and work in recessionary Britain

SWEET CIDER by Emteaz Hussain - In a rundown park, two teenage runaways Tazeem and Nosheen hang out, chatting to the boys and an old bag lady, trying to reconcile being British with their Pakistani cultural traditions.


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