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Alan Ayckbourn(Faber & Faber)

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<b>Snake in the Grass</b>

A terrific piece - brilliant, bizarre and yet totally believable...

In fact, it's more than classic; it's close to the top of its class.<i> Yorkshire Post</i>

<b>If I Were You</b>

A blissfully funny comedy that's also filled with sadness, a devilishly simple theatrical idea that spins out all kinds of complex truths about human nature.

<i>Daily Telegraph</i>

<b>Life and Beth</b>

A wise, humane, funny play about the inevitability of death and the continuity of life.


<b>My Wonderful Day</b>

A transformation happens as magical as the most magnificent pantomime transformation anyone could ever imagine... the playwright dissolves the paraphernalia of our adult selves and uncovers that space inside each of us that is still the child we once were.


<b>Life of Riley</b>

As perceptive as ever...

Ayckbourn has once again achieved a satisfyingly rich, tragi-comic complexity.

<i>Daily Telegraph</i>

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