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David Calcutt(Oxford University Press)

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An engaging classroom playscript.

In 1692, 19 people were executed for witchcraft and the whole village was engulfed in fear.

But what actually happened in Salem?

This play re-tells the Witch Trials by combining historical evidence with a healthy dose of imagination, and exploring the build-up of hysteria in the village.

It covers important issues of prejudice and peer pressure, gang mentality, suspicion and fear.

A more accessible version of events, Salem is ideal for preparation work for The Crucible.

It also acts as an interesting comparison text to Miller's play, placing emphasis on different events and characters.

New, innovative activities specifically tailored to support the KS3 Framework for Teaching English and help students to fulfil the Framework objectives.

Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis, and the structure of playscripts, and act as a springboard for personal writing.

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