Oh, Wild West!

Culture Clash (Comedy Troupe)(Theatre Communications)

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Three New Plays

“Midway through <i>Water &amp; Power</i> comes a scene so perfectly written, so chilling and yet so hilarious [it] encapsulates all the anger and social criticism fueling [the play], beginning with the agonizing realization (also central to Culture Clash’s smash Chavez Ravine) that the fates of the L.A. many are held in the hands of the often capricious and heartless few.”—<i>Variety</i>

For <i>Zorro in Hell</i>:

“The funniest show the Bay Area comedy troupe has ever written.

Culture Clash uses the story [of Zorro] as a starting point for a devastatingly hilarious satire of just about everything Californians hold dear.”—<i>Contra Costa Times</i>

In this trio of plays, Culture Clash rewrites California’s past in the performance troupe’s own irreverent comic style, interweaving pop culture with their home state’s local history.

In <i>Chavez Ravine</i>, called “a hell-raising home run” by <i>Variety</i>, they cover the land grab that uprooted an entire community and built Dodger Stadium.

In <i>Water &amp; Power</i>, the topic is the assimilation of Latinos and their rise to political influence.

And in <i>Zorro in Hell</i>, Culture Clash re-imagines early California through the eyes of the original masked man.

<b>Culture Clash</b> is Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas, and Herbert Siguenza.

Founded in San Francisco’s Mission District on Cinco de Mayo in 1984, they have become the most prominent Chicano/Latino performance troupe in the United States.

Their work ranges from sketch comedy to full-length plays and adaptations of Greek classics, and has been produced at universities and theaters throughout the country.


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