Oh, Hell!

Shel Silverstein(Samuel French)

Oh, Hell!


3.93 out of 5


from 43 ratings and 4 reviews

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Two one-act plays.

Bobby Gould in Hell by David Mamet Short Play, Comedy Characters: 3 male, 1 female Interior Set This is Bobby Gould's day of reckoning.

The conniving movie mogul from Speed the Plow awakes in a strange room.

A loquacious interrogator in fishing waders enters.

Gould argues his case.

A woman he has wronged appears and gets so carried away that she says some sassy things to the Interrogator.

In the end, Bobby is damned for being "cruel without being interesting."

"Funny and pungent."-N.Y.

Times "Lifts the soul."- N.Y.

Daily News "Hilarious ... with flashy magic tricks."-Newsday Published with The Devil and Billy Markham by Shel Silverstein Short Play, Comedy Characters: 1 male Bare stage In this amazing rendition of a tall tale written in rhymed couplets, Billy Markham loses a sucker's bet with the Devil but ultimately outwits him.

"A tour de force with the jokes coming Faust and furious."-N.Y.


"A rip snorting, raunchy delight.

Very, very funny."-Associated Press

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