Now the Cats With Jeweled Claws & Other One-Act Plays

Tennessee Williams(New Directions)

Now the Cats With Jeweled Claws & Other One-Act Plays Cover


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And other one-act plays

“The peak of my virtuosity was in the one-act plays—like firecrackers in a rope.”

—Tennessee Williams

This new collection of fantastic, lesser-known one-acts contains some of Williams’s most potent, comical and disturbing short plays

Upper East Side ladies dine out during the apocalypse in Now the Cats With Jeweled Claws, while the poet Hart Crane is confronted by his mother at the bottom of the ocean in Steps Must Be Gentle.

Five previously unpublished plays include A Recluse and His Guest, and The Strange Play, in which we witness a woman’s entire life lived within a twenty-four-hour span.

This volume is edited, with an introduction and notes, by the editor, acting teacher, and theater scholar Thomas Keith.

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