No Stable Too Small

Barbara Anne Antonucci(CSS Publishing Company)

No Stable Too Small Cover


Fifteen Christmas Plays for Churches of All Sizes

Here's a collection of humorous, down-to-earth plays that bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant to one of the magi) or by updating the story with contemporary settings and characters.

No Stable Too Small offers a variety of practical material for any situation, ranging from shorter plays with small casts and lines that can be easily mastered by younger children to more elaborate pieces with sophisticated themes for older children and adults.

And they're ideal for use with today's young people -- the dialogue reflects the way they really talk, yet never detracts from the biblical message.

These flexible scenes offer a mix of speaking parts for all age groups, from preschool through adult, and are especially valuable for small congregations that lack the resources to mount large-scale productions.

No sets are required, and only simple costumes and minimal props are needed.

The plays can be performed by smaller churches with as few as 8-10 cast members, or parts can be easily divided to accommodate groups as large as 25-30.

And with a running time of approximately 20-25 minutes each, it's easy to fit them within a Christmas Eve or Advent Sunday worship service.

Some of the charming presentations include: * Love Finds a Way * It Wasn't the Hilton, You Know * Christmas Eve at Angel School * Because God Said So, That's Why * No Small Parts * "Unto Us a Child Is Born..".

Next on Omar * Miracles?

No Problem!

...and eight more!

Lois Anne DeLong is currently a freelance writer and editor in Bay Shore, New York.

She previously served 25 years in public relations, publishing, and marketing for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

A graduate of New York University, DeLong is an active member of Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Brentwood, New York.

Barbara Anne Antonucci was born and raised in Brentwood, New York, and is a lifelong member of Brentwood Presbyterian Church.

A graduate of St. Joseph's College, Antonucci now resides in Monroe, North Carolina.