My Night With Reg

Kevin Elyot(Nick Hern Books)

My Night With Reg Cover


3.77 out of 5


from 103 ratings and 10 reviews

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An era-defining comedy set amongst London's gay community.

Winner of the Evening Standard and Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Comedy.

The play follows the ups and downs of a circle of gay friends over a period of several years.

One of the group, the Reg mentioned in the title, is not a character in the play but the whole plot revolves around his apparent promiscuity and the chain reaction of deception and betrayal set off by it.

<i>My Night With Reg</i> premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in March 1994.

'a play of genius... sublimely moving, genuinely funny and exquisitely observed' <i>Daily Mail</i>

'laughter with a killer punchline' <i>The Times</i>

'a sharply witty and humanely wise drama about gay manners and morals in the age of AIDS' <i>Independent</i>


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