Mother Courage And Her Children

Bertolt Brecht(Samuel French)

Mother Courage And Her Children Cover


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Full Length, Drama w/music / 18m, 5f, extras /Int./5 Exts.

This German play was written in 1939 and was first produced in Zurich in 1941.

In America, it was published in English right away (1941, by New Directions) but did not reach Broadway till 1963 - in a memorable production directed by Jerome Robbins and starring Anne Bancroft.

It had, of course, by that time been produced to much acclaim all over the world.

When Bertolt Brecht directed the play in Munich (1950), Eric Bentley, Assistant Director, at his bidding started to translate the play into English.

He was eventually to make several different English versions of it.

The most interesting of these is published here.

It was a collaboration with the eminent French composer Darius Milhaud.

Together they made this remarkable contribution to musical theatre.

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