Declan Greene(Nick Hern Books)

Moth Cover


3.12 out of 5


from 24 ratings and 4 reviews

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By turns dark and shimmering, <i>Moth</i> is a fast, funny and heartbreaking story about two young people with nowhere to go.

Sebastian is “that kid” at high school.

He’s weird.

He smells.

He’s obsessed with comics, and talks to himself.

But after a catastrophic fallout with his only friend, Claryssa, he wakes up with a moth in a jar by his bed, and a calling to save the souls of all humanity.

And so begins the Passion of Sebastian: a journey into a terrifying and starless night.

Declan Greene's play <i>Moth</i> was first produced by Arena Theatre and Malthouse Theatre at the CUB Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, in May 2010.

It was premiered in the UK at HighTide Festival and the Bush Theatre, London, in 2013.

'Gripping... it rivets the attention' - <i>Telegraph</i>

'Bursts with a startling visceral energy' - <i>Time Out</i>

'Both witty and emotionally accurate... an intense theatrical experience' - <i></i>


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