Moby Dick

Herman Melville(Oberon)

Moby Dick Cover


4.25 out of 5


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It's true.

It's all true for Moby-Dick.

He's a killer, he's a fury, he's an angel of hell.

Why if the white whale could talk he'd talk like Ahab.'

Nantucket. 1851.

Centre of a whaling industry that transformed blubber into the oils and candles that lit the world.

It's there that a schoolmaster called Ishmael arrives to ship on a whale-boat.

He enrols under Ahab, Captain of the Pequod – a man bent on destroying the white whale that lost him his leg.

Certain the destruction of his nemesis will slake his thirst; Ahab's single-minded pursuit of Moby-Dick consumes Ishmael, the crew and the Pequod itself.

The spirit and atmosphere of Herman Melville's masterpiece – romantic, ambiguous, characterful and rich with allegory – is captured.


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