Mcqueen: Or Lee And Beauty

James Phillips(Methuen)

Mcqueen: Or Lee And Beauty Cover


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Or Lee and Beauty

A beautiful and haunting voyage into the visionary imagination and dark dream world of the late Alexander McQueen, fashion's greatest contemporary artist.

"I've got a 600-year-old elm tree in my garden.

I made up a story: a girl lives in it and comes out of the darkness to meet a prince and becomes a queen."

Alexander McQueen, 2008.

A mysterious girl has been hiding in a tree in McQueen's Mayfair garden for the past eleven nights, secretly watching him as he struggles to find inspiration for his new collection.

Tonight she climbs down and breaks into his house to steal a dress she could never afford to buy, in the hope of becoming someone special.

He catches her, but instead of calling the police, he takes a chance and lets her stay.

Together, they go out onto the streets of London and into the whirlwind of McQueen's life.

As the girl begins to unravel before him, it becomes clear that she needs more than her dream dress to see her through the night.

With its beauty, the world invites us all to live another day, and with each other, two troubled souls may just find the comfort they so desperately crave.

This is a moving, poetic and unmissable insight into the fairytale landscape of McQueen's genius, as glimpsed at in his iconic fashion shows.

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