Mama And Jack Carew

Hal Corley(Samuel French)

Mama And Jack Carew Cover


Dramatic Comedy / 2m, 1f / Unit Set In the summer of 1969, Beau Stanley's last hurrah before heading off to study architecture in college, doting Mama Lillian vows to help him finally lose his baby fat.

Armed with a supply of diet pills and a food-free regimen that includes tearing down a family room wall, 3 a.m. trips to Dulles Airport and blazing, amphetamine-fueled days on the beach, mother and son spend a memorable vacation together.

But Beau's weight loss isn't restless Lillian's only project, and in an unguarded moment, she reveals her just-begun affair with a travelling defense contractor, Jack Carew.

Once Lillian introduces son and lover, Beau's caught in the oedipal crossfire of a covert and explosive new alliance, forced to cover his Mama's many absences from home.

Over the next decade, Jack's repeated pledge to end his own loveless marriage and sweep Lillian away proves a hollow promise.

As increasingly beleaguered Beau sacrifices his own independence to help his mother confront her disillusionment and finally, betrayal, parent-child roles are turned upside down.

Mama and Jack Carew is a harrowing, oftentimes black-comedic portrait of an unlikely triangle.

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