Little Gem

Elaine Murphy(Nick Hern Books)

Little Gem Cover


4.22 out of 5


from 33 ratings and 4 reviews

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Love, sex, birth, death and salsa classes.

Three generations of women.

One extraordinary year.

Amber has fierce bad indigestion and the sambucas aren't getting rid of it.

Lorraine attacks a customer and her boss wants her to see a psychiatrist.

Kay's got an itch 'down there' that Gem can't scratch.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, Little Gem makes his presence felt and - well - life is never the same again.

Presented by Guna Nua and Civic Theatre, Tallaght, Little Gem was the winner of the BBC Northern Ireland Drama Award in Association with the Stewart Parker Trust, the Fishamble Award for Best New Irish Writing, and the Best Female Performance at the Dublin Fringe Festival, 2008.

It was revived at the Traverse Theatre during the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


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