Marcelo Dos Santos from Zizou Corder(Nick Hern Books)

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Charlie Ashanti lives in a future where phones are powered by the sun, cars are banned and companies are more powerful than countries.

Charlie is a perfectly normal boy, except for one thing: he can speak to cats.

When his parents are kidnapped, he sets off on a rescue mission – with a little help from a floating circus and its pride of performing lions.

Based on Zizou Corder's bestselling novels, Marcelo Dos Santos's adaptation fuses storytelling and circus in a gripping tale that provides great opportunities for amateur and school groups looking to perform a magical adventure.

<i>Lionboy</i> was commissioned and first produced by award-winning theatre company Complicite in 2013, and was revived in 2014 for an international tour.

'It twinkles with a sense of magical possibility... liveliness, invention and effortless appeal' - <i>The Times</i>

'A wonderfully imaginative adventure' - <i>Evening Standard</i>


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