Kidney Stones

Frederick Stroppel(Samuel French)

Kidney Stones Cover


Four one act comedies

Crashing the Gate: Two young terrorists are stuck in a motel room, just killing time and getting on each other's nerves while they wait for orders.

She is a fiercely committed revolutionary; he is self-involved and just interested in the perks.

A phone call suddenly raises the stakes to a lethal degree.

This is a sharp and scary comedy.

**Harvest Time: Mike is gravely ill and on dialysis.

His survival depends on his brother donating a kidney for a transplant, but now Billy has found another buyer for his organ and must decide whether blood is thicker than financial security.

While the brothers battle, Mike's wife may have a solution they can both live with.

** Itch: A well-traveled hooker and a needy husband meet in a motel room.

He has a maddening itch - in the middle of his back - and is willing to pay handsomely for relief.

But is she that type of girl?

** Smoke-Out: Two women stand outside a Manhattan office building grabbing a quick cigarette.

One is a gabby middle-aged suburbanite who is proud to be a big boss's secretary.

The other is a young, ultra-hip Goth, so laid-back she's practically comatose.

The unlikely companions chat about urban development, music, oral sex and other conundrums of modern life in a delightfully quirky comedy.

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