Kanye The First

Sam Steiner(Nick Hern Books)

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2.79 out of 5


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Annie's not really a fan of herself.

How did she get a life like this?

While her perfect sister poses in hipster hats, she has to take care of her sick mother.

And she keeps mistaking hot men for her Dad.

There must be more than this.

The celebrities that fill her social media feeds are only separated by a screen, but that's as close as she'll ever get to someone like Kanye West.

People think he's a God.

But what if everyone thought she was someone else?

Someone different.

Someone better.

Sam Steiner's Kanye the First is a dazzlingly funny and original drama about identity, guilt, contemporary culture and the second coming of Kanye West.

It was premiered in September 2017 by HighTide Festival.


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