How To Date A Feminist

Samantha Ellis(Nick Hern Books)

How To Date A Feminist Cover


3.61 out of 5


from 63 ratings and 10 reviews

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A hilarious new spin on the Hollywood romcom featuring two proposals, two weddings, an elopement and a cast of unforgettable characters.

Kate likes her men tall, dark and smouldering.

She has a fatal attraction to bad men.

Then she meets Steve…

Steve is a feminist.

Can Kate overcome her love of lipstick, cupcakes and Heathcliff?

Can Steve forgo the ethical confetti and learn to be a little bit more ravishing in bed?

Can the two of them reinvent romance for the twenty-first century?

Samantha Ellis's play How to Date a Feminist premiered at the Arcola Theatre, London, in 2016, ahead of a UK tour.


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